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Suzanne Buczek ~ Founder

SC Design Group creates designs with the understanding that every individual is greatly affected, inspired and changed by the environment he or she occupies.

“We are all connected through the art of design. SC Design Group is dedicated to creating comforting, warm and inspirational surroundings for everyone.” - Suzanne Buczek

SC Design Group provides their clients with the perfect environment by creating designs that are functional, solve problems and inspire every day.

Tina Carter

Senior Designer

Sandra Collin

Senior Designer

Joanne Estagin

Office Manager

Sarah Klein

Design Assistant

Samantha Bahamonde

Design Assistant

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SC Design Group is a national design firm with offices in the Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando, Florida metros. Designing from east to west, SC Design Group believes there is no such thing as a project too small and encourage all builders to explore the benefits of working with an experienced model merchandising firm.

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West: 1520 West Warner Road #104, Gilbert, AZ 85233 Phone: 480.319.9020 East: 7208 West Sand Lake Road #305, Orlando, FL 32819 Phone: 407.702.1150 Email: info@scdesigngroupinc.com Web: https://scdesigngroupinc.com
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